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Your Active Pets

  1. Janis Kalvitis
    I love my dogs more than anything in the world. I also love local businesses as opposed to large chains. The staff are very friendly and extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The products that they have are high quality. It is definitely worth a visit for a treat for your furkid.
    Janis Kalvitis
  2. Igors Petrovs
    Company's team is so friendly, helpful, & knowledgeable they make it a joy to shop there. Great selection of food and treats for your pet. I highly recommend this store.
    Igors Petrovs
  3. Sandis M.
    We are working together with this company for quite a while. They provide quality service and also products.
    Sandis M.
  4. Baiba Strelniece
    Great pet products with wonderful treats you can buy by the pound and many good quality goods that you don't find at the big name stores.
    Baiba Strelniece

Active Pets

         Our company is based on highly-qualified service. We care about our clients and their pets. Their wish is a rule for us! Pets are so much unique as we are, and we let them feel that way by providing our service. Care about our beloved pets is the main goal for our company, because they are our companions for the whole of their lives. They come into our lives just for a period, and we are - their entire life.

Our clients and their pets are always welcome!
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